Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Cake for a Sweet Wedding

Once Billy and Sheliah decided they wanted to get married, it was on.  In a week.  That's right. A week. She talked to me on Sunday for a wedding cake that Friday.  I was glad to do it for her.  Best Wishes, Billy and Sheliah for a long and happy marriage.

Two Baby Shower Cakes

I had orders for the same weekend…two baby shower cakes.  One for a little girl and one for a little boy.  When the ladies ordered their individual cakes, they each showed me a picture of what they wanted.  The two pictures were EXACTLY the same.  Here are the cakes!

Harry Potter Cake

Elisa has wanted a Harry Potter birthday cake for several years…..Well, this year - she got it! And here it is!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Birthday Cake

A Japanese-themed birthday party for a little girl was such a unique idea…and because they were having guests of the Japanese culture, her mom wanted to honor such by putting "Happy Birthday" in their language on the cake.  It was a fun cake to make. 

A Small Cake for a Special Lady

Robin, the one who keeps my hair from being totally gray and scraggly, had a birthday; but she just wanted a small cake to share with her daughter.  Here it is.  Happy, happy birthday, Robin.  Here's hoping you have the best year ever!

Emma Rae is Growing Up!

Aunt Robin knew exactly what Emma Rae would like for her birthday cake this year!  Here it is! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Christmas Wedding Cake

An all white Christmas wedding cake…..those were the only instructions I was given.  Here's Betty's cake! Best Wishes to both of you for a long and happy marriage.

Nanny's Birthday Cake

When it's Nanny's birthday, nothing will do but a very special cake.  And here it is!

Taylor's 16th Birthday Celebration

When Taylor turned 16, she knew what she wanted.  She wanted a 2 tier cake with pink and maybe black on it.  So what did Taylor do? She called and ordered her cake and her Aunt Pam picked it up and paid for it as her gift to Taylor…Now THAT's a good aunt! Happy Birthday, Sweet 16th, Taylor.

Kennedy's Baby Shower

Cute "Baby Butt" cake to celebrate the arrival of little Kennedy.  Congratulations to Kennedy's parents on his arrival.

An Art Birthday Party for Clara

Clara loves to do art work, so her mother planned an art themed party.  Here is the cake for such a celebration!

90th Birthday Party

A sweet cake for a sweet 90 year old mother! What a precious family time!

A Halloween Birthday!

What kind of birthday cake do you get when your birthday falls on Halloween?  Sometimes a creepy, orange and black one.  Happy Birthday, Ashlynn…I hope it was SPOOK-tacular!

Mary and Mickey -- Totally American Birthday!

Mary Jewel came to live with her forever family this past summer, so when her birthday rolled around, Mom and Dad knew that only a special cake would do….and if you know Mary's mom, you KNOW that Disney was going to be involved somewhere, somehow!  Here's her cake..and Welcome, Sweet Mary. I know you are blessed by your forever family, and that they are so very blessed by you.
Happy 1st Birthday here in the USA!

Mary's "Smash Cake" as this was her 1st birthday here!

Mermaid Berkeley's Birthday!

A mermaid party for a special little girl called for a mermaid cake JUST as special.  Happy Birthday, Berkeley…I hope you have a "swimming" birthday!

Brody's Fireman's Cake

What little boy doesn't want to be a fireman at some point in his life?  Brody's mom decided that a Firetruck theme would be perfect for him.  Here's his cake! Happy Birthday, Brody!

Hot Air Balloons for Birthday #1

Little Mack's mom decided that hot air balloons were the order of the day for his first birthday.  Soft colors, balloons -- made for a very special cake.  Happy Birthday, big boy!

Softball Birthday Party!

Holley is a nearly year 'round travel softball player. Her dad decided that softball HAD to be the theme for the party and for the cake.  Hope your day was spectacular!