Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Barnyard Party for Myles

For his 2nd birthday party, Myles wanted a farm! So he had cupcakes topped with various farm animals and this barn styled cake! Happy Birthday, Myles!

Hello Kitty for Mei-Anna

At Mei-Anna's birthday party, the girls all frosted and decorated their own cupcakes, but there HAD to be a cake to hold the candles for Mei-Anna and Papa to blow out!

Sesame Street Birthday

Lydia loves to watch Sesame Street, so what other theme would her momma use? Sesame Street, of course! And here is her cake!

Mickey Smash Cake

Momma made the cupcakes, but she asked me to make little Baylor a "smash cake" with ears for Birthday Number 1!

Bridal Lingerie Shower

Just a small cake for some close friends celebrating Tiffany's soon-to-come marriage!

Alice in Wonderland!

Berkley's 5th Birthday Party included a visit from Alice and the Mad Hatter! Here's her cake!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Bama-"Kuntry" Kind of Birthday!

A Bama fan with a "Kuntry" nickname could only celebrate his 35th birthday with a very special kind of cake! Roll Tide Roll!

Bootie and Booby Cookies

What better cookies for a lingerie shower than these? Congrats, Tiffany!

Lexi's First Birthday

Lexi's mom sent me a picture of the plates and napkins she planned to use at Lexi's first birthday party.  I based her cake on those!  Here are pictures of both!

It's a Dancing Kind of Birthday - at 89 years of age!

Shawne's grandfather turned 89 years old last week.  Shawne wanted a special cake for the occasion, and what does Papa like to do each week? Well, go dancing, of course!

New Technique - Brush Embroidery

Preeti gave me the colors to use and left it to me to decorate a cake to celebrate Jeremy and Jessica's engagement.  Brush Embroidery is a technique using royal icing, a piping bag, and a paint brush.  This was my first attempt, and I loved it.

Abbey's 13th Birthday!

Turquoise and houndstooth to celebrate Abbey's 13th birthday! I hope you had a great birthday!

A "Caffeinated" Groom's Cake

Stephen LOVES coffee, and that love is reflected in his chosen groom cake.  A coffee mug cake - chocolate cake with mocha frosting and chocolate covered expresso beans for decor.  Congrats to you and your bride!

Lego's Birthday Party!

What ELSE would you want when you have a Lego's birthday party? A Lego's Cake, of course!

Llama Birthday Party

Anika loves books and loves her Llama books. So when her 2nd birthday came, Momma knew what kind of cake she would want!

A Stroller Centerpiece

Ms. Rita wanted a cake with a baby in a stroller for a baby shower she was hostessing.  Unfortunately, I had to be out of town that particular weekend, so we decided that I would make a cake "dummy" for her centerpiece.  This is NOT cake but styrofoam covered by fondant, topped with her stroller.

A Summer Celebration

The Women's Ministry celebrated the end of summer with a "Southern Summer Celebration." The centerpieces and desserts were one in the same! Take a look at the "cool" cupcakes!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's THAT Time of Year in 'Bama

Yep....it's THAT time of year in 'Bama!

Ben's Football Birthday

Ben's birthday party was a great University of Alabama theme! His mom wanted a cake that she knew Ben and his friends would love....Here it is! Happy Birthday, Ben!

A Barnyard Birthday for Brody

Brody's 2nd birthday was at THE BARNYARD.  Could his mom have ordered any more appropriate sweets for the celebration? Take a look!

Mindcraft Cake

When Nicholas' mom contacted me about doing his birthday cake, I knew nothing about the theme of his party....Minecraft? What was THAT?  So after a little Googling and a little advice from a grandson, I developed a cake based on Minecraft, the video game!

A Fisherman's Cake

His daughter KNEW he wouldn't want a cake for this birthday, but she figured that if he WAS going to get a cake [and he WAS], it should be based on his favorite hobby - FISHING!

Sophie's First Birthday

Sophie's mom wanted a simple, elegant cake for her first birthday.

Sophie's Smash cake

Jed's Army Birthday

Jed is obsessed with the army! So when his birthday rolled around, his mom knew exactly what type of cake he would need....camo, tank, grenade!

Made from Rice Krispy treats!

A Mermaid Birthday!

Kensley's birthday party had a birthday theme! Here is the cake that was a part of her celebration!

Lindsay and Wayne's Wedding

Lindsay and Wayne were married a few weeks ago.  I was honored to be asked to bake and decorate both the bride's cake and the groom's cake.  Congratulations and blessings for a long and happy life together!

A hunting and fishing groom's cake!

Shelby Kate is ONE!

Shelby Kate's mom is a dear friend, so when she asked me to do Shelby Kate's first birthday cake, I was honored.  Something simple and sweet was what Mom had in mind.  Happy Birthday, sweet SK!

Shelby Kate's Smash Cake

Baby Boy Shower Cake

A shower cake for a baby boy....that was the order, short and simple.  Here's the cake for the sweet boy and his mom!

Rachel's Sweet 16th!

Rachel and Mamaw knew only a very special cake would do for Rachel's 16th birthday! They discussed and discussed; they planned and they planned. Bright colors, curly cues, and polka dots -- LOTS of polka dots! And THIS is what they came up with! Happy 16th, dear Rachel!