Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sean's Pirate Party!

Sean's mom knew exactly what kind of party he would want...PIRATES! She bought some figurines for the cake and I built the cake around those characters.  Take a look...and Happy Birthday, Sean! Aarrggghhh, Matie! :)

Mattie's Big 3-0!

His wife would not let such an important birthday pass without proper celebrations taking place.  So she called to talk about a cake that honored his favorite hobbies! And here it is! Happy Birthday, Mattie! I hope it was the best yet!

Bowen's Ninja Turtle Birthday

Every little boy at one time or another loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Bowen is no exception.  His mom asked for 4 dozen turtle cupcakes for his friends and one special cake just for Bowen.  Here's the deal, though.  I delivered the goods to Bowen's dad, and soon got a call from his mom.  I had made a huge mistake, putting a purple sash on the turtle on Bowen's cake instead of an orange one -- which is worn by his very favorite turtle.  I hurriedly went and picked up the cake, took it home, fixed it and all was well.....Well, except for the fact that the picture I have has the purple sash on it. So picture it orange and you will see Bowen's personal little birthday cake! I'm so sorry, Bowen ....I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

Liam's Sand Castle

Liam's first birthday cake was a sand castle themed cake that matched the invitations his mom had chosen for him.  Happy Birthday, Liam!

Liam's "Smash cake"!

Will and Mallorie's Shower

A special bridal shower cake for a special bride-to-be and her fella!

Gracie's Tea Party

Gracie's 4th birthday party was very special...the kind of party only a little girl can appreciate.  A TEA PARTY...and here's her cake! Happy Birthday, Gracie!


Never before had I been asked to make a birthday cake for a dog.  Never.  Until now.  A 10th Birthday for an English Bulldog is evidently a pretty special event....Cake worthy, as a matter of fact! Happy Birthday, Eli!

It was SHARK WEEK for Jacob!

Water, waves, danger -- SHARK!!! Jacob's swimming party turned perilous with his shark themed cake! Take a look! Hope your birthday was SAFE and FUN, Jacob!

Rhett's Safari Birthday

For his first birthday, Rhett's momma decided on a Safari themed party.  She sent me a picture of the plates and napkins, and I decorated the cake to match.  AND of course, he had a "smash cake"!
Happy 1st Birthday, Rhett!

Parker's Splash Party

Parker's mom made cupcakes for his Splash Birthday party but needed a small cake to top the tower of cupcakes.  Here it is! Happy Birthday, Parker!

The Twins' Spa Birthday Party

Aubrey and Lainey have a VERY special mom.  She plans and plans and plans for their birthday party each year, and each year throws them the best parties two little girls could ask for!  This year Aubrey and Lainey and all of the friends had a "Spa Day" Party!  Here's the cake they had to help with their celebration.  Happy Birthday, girls!

Pax's Pirate Birthday!

Pax's 3rd birthday party was a pirate themed event -- complete with eye patches, treasure chests, and everything pirate!  So the cake naturally had to reflect a bit of "Arrrrgghhh, Matie"! And here it is - Happy Birthday, Matie Pax! I hope it was a fun time.