Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adam's First Birthday!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the theme for Adam's first birthday! In one short year, Adam has grown and changed just like the caterpillar.....but he is MUCH cuter! Here's his cake! Happy Birthday, precious Adam......Did I mention how much I love your mom and dad?

Do you see the holes? The caterpillar made those! 

Adam's Smash Cake!

Fireman Brody Turns 4!

Brody is obsessed with firemen and firetrucks, so what would be more appropriate that THIS cake? Happy Birthday, Mr. Brody.  I hope it was a HOT one!

"Superman" Gets Married

What a perfect groom's cake for a SUPER guy! Congrats to Tyler [aka Superman] and his new bride!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A "Dummy" Cake!

I see all kinds of techniques and cake designs on the internet but rarely have any time to just practice.  But today was just one of those days....no cakes due and no specific plans for the day.  So I used my cake "dummies" [styrofoam cake tiers] to try some things I think are lovely -- pleating, quilting, and stenciling fondant.  It was great fun, and NO PRESSURE!

A Sailing Birthday!

Paula loves sailing, for sure! So when she turned 18, her birthday cake needed to reflect that love!

A Princess Castle Cake

Ali J is her momma and daddy's princess.  For her first birthday, they wanted a cake especially for their Princess Ali J!

Ali J's "Smash Cake"

Artstic Cake for Olivia!

Olivia and her friends celebrated her birthday at ALL FIRED UP, a local ceramic-painting studio.  So Mom want a cake appropriate for the celebration!