Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Short Post with a LOT of cakes!

 Since moving to Camden, I have not had nearly as many cake orders as when I lived in Tuscaloosa; however, I have had some but have fallen so behind on my blog. So here I go -- Just posting pictures of recent cakes with captions rather than individual posts.  I still enjoy doing cakes, but I also so enjoy being married and spending time with my Lynn.

Ryder's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Birthday Cake

Adam's Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Liam's Penguin's in July 2nd Birthday Cake   
He asked....and She said, YES!

For my daughter-in-law, a true Bama Fan!

Sweet Baby Shower cake, accompanied by cupcakes

Grandma ordered this sweet cake for to welcome her Naomi Noelle

My sweet grandaughter's birthday cake! What girl doesn't like FROZEN!
These pictures are cakes that were centerpieces at a Halloween Party!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Under the Sea

Sadie's mom wanted a sparkly, pretty "Under the Sea" cake for Sadie's birthday! And here it is! Happy Birthday, Sadie! Hope you had a blast!

Gracie's FROZEN Cake!

Gracie's fascination with the movie, FROZEN turned out to be the theme of her birthday party.  Mom was going to provide Elsa and Anna to be placed on the cake! Happy Birthday, Gracie!

Sweet Jesi's Birthday

Jesi's birthday cake.....well, can you guess what's new with her?  Happy Birthday, Jesi! I wish all things wonderful for you.

Cobra Cake?? Really?

Jacob LOVES snakes. His 6th birthday was everything snake.....even had REAL, LIVE snakes attend! So his cake HAD to fit the occasion!

Pancakes and Pajamas!

Aubrey and Lainey are two very special little girls, and I've done their birthday cakes for three years now.  This year Mom planned a slumber party -- Pancakes and Pajamas!  What fun!

Parker's Firetruck Party

The party was perfect for a 4 year old little boy.  Parker loves all things firetruck and fireman.  So I think his cake was perfect for the occasion!

5 College Friends Graduate!

The order came from one of the girl's grandmothers.  She wanted a cake befitting the occasion -- college graduation. She wanted the college colors represented as well as each of the roommates! What a fun cake!

Colorful Birthday

This is the most colorful, fun cake I have done in a while!  Just lots and lots of color!

Pink and Pretty Baby Shower

Pink and pretty.....Only would do for Avery's mom as she awaits her arrival! Here's the cake!

A Frozen Kind of Party!

Haven's mom knew what Haven's favorite movie was and knew that only a FROZEN birthday party would do! So here is her cake that was accompanied with snow-covered cupcakes.  Happy Birthday, Haven!

Hallie's Gymnastics Birthday!

Hallie's birthday party was at a local gymnastics facility so that all of her friends could see participate in Hallie's favorite past time.  Of course, her cake had to "balance" out the party as well! Happy Birthday, Hallie!!

Nate and the Ninja Turtles

Nate's fascination with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became the theme for his birthday party.  Happy Birthday, Nate! Cowabunga!

A Sweet Bouquet for a Sweet Young Lady

Val celebrated a birthday recently, and because she is as sweet and as kind as can be, we just felt she deserved a bouquet of flowers! I hope your birthday was memorable!

Lordy, Lordy - Kim turns FORTY!

My daughter, Kim, turned 40 recently [where oh where did my little girl go?] - She is a passionate, loving, Christian wife and mother; in fact, she is absolutely FABULOUS, FIERCE, and FORTY!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Very Special Cakes for a Very Special Day

February 15, 2014.  Finally.  My wedding day.  I made my bride's cake and Lynn's groom's cake.  It was a labor of love, literally.  It was a lovely, perfect day.

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Cake for a Sweet Wedding

Once Billy and Sheliah decided they wanted to get married, it was on.  In a week.  That's right. A week. She talked to me on Sunday for a wedding cake that Friday.  I was glad to do it for her.  Best Wishes, Billy and Sheliah for a long and happy marriage.

Two Baby Shower Cakes

I had orders for the same weekend…two baby shower cakes.  One for a little girl and one for a little boy.  When the ladies ordered their individual cakes, they each showed me a picture of what they wanted.  The two pictures were EXACTLY the same.  Here are the cakes!

Harry Potter Cake

Elisa has wanted a Harry Potter birthday cake for several years…..Well, this year - she got it! And here it is!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Birthday Cake

A Japanese-themed birthday party for a little girl was such a unique idea…and because they were having guests of the Japanese culture, her mom wanted to honor such by putting "Happy Birthday" in their language on the cake.  It was a fun cake to make. 

A Small Cake for a Special Lady

Robin, the one who keeps my hair from being totally gray and scraggly, had a birthday; but she just wanted a small cake to share with her daughter.  Here it is.  Happy, happy birthday, Robin.  Here's hoping you have the best year ever!

Emma Rae is Growing Up!

Aunt Robin knew exactly what Emma Rae would like for her birthday cake this year!  Here it is! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Christmas Wedding Cake

An all white Christmas wedding cake…..those were the only instructions I was given.  Here's Betty's cake! Best Wishes to both of you for a long and happy marriage.

Nanny's Birthday Cake

When it's Nanny's birthday, nothing will do but a very special cake.  And here it is!

Taylor's 16th Birthday Celebration

When Taylor turned 16, she knew what she wanted.  She wanted a 2 tier cake with pink and maybe black on it.  So what did Taylor do? She called and ordered her cake and her Aunt Pam picked it up and paid for it as her gift to Taylor…Now THAT's a good aunt! Happy Birthday, Sweet 16th, Taylor.

Kennedy's Baby Shower

Cute "Baby Butt" cake to celebrate the arrival of little Kennedy.  Congratulations to Kennedy's parents on his arrival.

An Art Birthday Party for Clara

Clara loves to do art work, so her mother planned an art themed party.  Here is the cake for such a celebration!

90th Birthday Party

A sweet cake for a sweet 90 year old mother! What a precious family time!