Learning to Fly Cakes and Pastries: Baby Boy Shower Tower

Monday, May 20, 2013

Melody Marie's Wedding Cake

Something simple.  That's all Melody Marie told me as we began our conversation about her expectations for her wedding cake.  We looked at all types of cakes but came back every time to "something simple."  Finally, we found the cake she loved.  Here it is!

Ryder's First Birthday Cake!

Dr. Seuss was the theme for Ryder's first birthday party! And what a party it was!

A Challenging Wedding Cake

Five tiers with pearls, ruffles, flowers.....what a challenging wedding cake this was.

An "Owl-ish" Baby Shower Cake

An "Owl-ish" sort of cake for a baby shower!

Princess Ella's Cake

Just what she needed....a castle for Her Royal Highness, Princess Ella!

A Spring Wedding

The bride's and groom's cake for a recent spring wedding.

An Great-Aunt's Easter Gift

Robin is a GREAT great-aunt who ordered these fun Easter cupcakes for the youngest members of her family!

A Hunter's Dream Groom's Cake

What kind of cake would an avid duck hunter want for his special day? Just take a look!

Maddy's Bear Cake

Maddy wanted a cake that looked like her little blue bear....oh, yeah, and the little blue bear was covered with peace signs and hearts. So this is what she got!

Monkeys Doing Gymnastics!

Karlee wanted a gymnastics cake for her 4th birthday; but wait.....she ALSO wanted monkeys! So that's what her mom ordered!

A Sister's Bridal Shower

Braxie wanted a special cake for her sister's bridal shower.  We decided to mimic the plans Melody Marie had made for her wedding cake.  Here is what the cake!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rachelle's Sweet Sixteen

What better theme for a Sweet 16 Party than Masquerade in Paris! Lucky Rachelle had a fabulous party with a fun venue, cool decor, and this cake!

Pigsty Birthday!

It was my daughter's birthday, and we had seen a cake design on the internet that we wanted to try.  So here is Kim's birthday cake!

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Sydney wanted a Doc McStuffin birthday.  I had NO idea who Doc McStuffin was, so after much internet searching and goggling, here's the cake!

UP, UP, and AWAY!

Just cupcakes.....Arranged to mimic the balloons from the movie, UP!

Baby Shower Cake

Sweet baby shower cake!

90th Birthday Cake

A sweet granddaughter wants a colorful, Mexican themed cake for her grandpa who was turning 90! Bright, colorful, and fun -- What better way to celebrate such a fabulous day!

John Brady's Swimming Party

Even though the weather outside was chilly, the indoor swimming party was a blast! And John Brady wanted a cake to show that fun! Take a look!

Charley's First Birthday

For her daughter's first birthday, Charley's mom wanted a cake to match her plates and napkins! Here's what she got!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Superhero Wyatt!

No question about what Wyatt wanted for his birthday party -- SUPERHEROES.  Batman even showed up at his party! I hope Wyatt gave him a piece of his cake!