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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You want WHAT on your hubby's cake???

The "victim"
About a month before the event, Alice called me to order a birthday cake for her husband.  I asked her about decor.."Doesn't really matter.  We just like your almond-butter cake!"  And time passed.  About a week before the birthday, I texted her and asked again about decor.  This time, "Doesn't matter...something manly."  I had no idea what THAT meant...football? golf?  autumn???  Then she texted me the following, "A dead possum!"  WHAT???

As it turned out, hubby had recently killed a possum with a b-b gun, and that turned out to be the theme of the cake!  YIKES....But it was fun and here it is!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

For Kristi: Alabama Fan and the Love of Bo's Life!

Happy Birthday and Roll Tide! There is no bigger Alabama fan than Kristi!  She is a crimson and white, houndstooth wearing forever fan of Bama!  So what better cake for her than this!

Above all, Kristi is the mother of Hayden and Connor, 2 of my wonderful grandsons, and the love of my Bo's life.  What a precious blessing she is to our family!  

Happy Birthday, Kristi! 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jessica's "Fashion Statement"

Jessica is a up-and-coming fashion and textile creator.  She is one talented young lady, so when her mom got ready to order a birthday cake for her, she knew exactly the theme: FASHION......with gold shoes, a leather purse, and lots and lots of jewelry.   It was great fun and frustration to make as I had never tried some of the "accessories" before, but I did it and all was completely edible.

Ready to celebrate!
 Jessica and I agree -- it certainly makes a "FASHION STATEMENT"!  Happy birthday, Jessica.  I know you will go far as you pursue your career in design.