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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy, Happy 30th!!!

OK, so Ms. Kerri has a 'birth-month' rather than a birthday, like most people.Her celebration started 31 days ago and has been working up to a feverish crescendo, culminating in a birthday bash at Los Tarascos with her many, many friends! She wanted a special birthday cake for a special birthday--her 30th! Thanks to her hubby, Michael, and good friend, Karri, we finally decided on a very special cake for this milestone! Here's hoping she LOVES it!


  1. Just beautiful! How much do you charge for a cake like this? I would like one just like this but with polka dots.

  2. She didn't just love it, she was IN LOVE with it, and there will never be another like it!! Thank you sooooo much!!!