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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mei-Anna's Shoe Cake

Mei-Anna is my only granddaughter and always will be.  I could write extensively about how God placed her in our family, how He knew exactly who her parents should be...even if they lived half way around the world, how He has His healing hand on her, how He has used HER to help ME heal, how He has allowed us to be blessed by her determination, sweetness, and, yes, stubbornness.

Mei-Anna when Kim and Shawne first met her in China.

In China after meeting her Momma and Papa

BUT...that's not my story this evening.  My story this evening is about Mei-Anna's 6th birthday cake.  What did she ask for on her cake? Shoes.   Just shoes.  That's it.  MEI-ANNA LOVES SHOES!  So here is what she got for her party!

Happy Mei-Anna Today!


  1. Beautiful cake! Hope Mei-Anna had a great Birthday!

  2. precious girl! sweet family! perfect cake!

  3. Oh so adorable...the cake, yes, but especially the girl! The Lord had been grooming Kim and Shawne for just the right baby girl, and He definitely showed out when he sent Mei-Anna to their family.