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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Momma's 80th Birthday Party

Momma with her cake.
Ok...first of all, Mom's birthday is not until November 30, so technically she is NOT 80 yet.  However, the daughters she and Daddy reared and the children the daughters reared and the children of the children the daughters reared are from the South.  The South where the threat of a snowflake is reason enough to cancel school and the appearance of a snowflake is followed by sheer panic as evidenced by the masses herding to the grocery stores for bread and milk!  The South where 3 inches of snow can shut down an entire city for as many days and an ice storm can cripple civilization beyond belief.  The South where more than 3 days with temperatures below freezing is enough to warrant the season to be declared one of the worst winters ever.  So the very thought of driving to Kansas City at the end of November was horrific.  November is WINTER.  Kansas City is the MidWest.  November + MidWest = Cold, Snow, and/or Ice!  So Mom got her 80th birthday in October, on a beautiful, sunny, autumn day.

We had planned the celebration in the basement of a church, but when God saw fit to give us the beautiful weather we moved it to a shelter house on Longview Lake.  Fried chicken, ham, potato salad, baked beans, and chips!  Life doesn't get much better than that!

It was a wonderful celebration with all four of Mom's children, most of her grandchildren and great-granchildren there to share their love with her.  There was a lot of chatter, laughter, running, playing....Mom even went down a slide!  She and Daddy sat in lawn chairs and watch the kids play.  It was a special day for ALL of us.

Thanks, Momma, for all you have done for this entire family.  Love you so much.

Momma and Daddy -- now over 60 years of marriage!

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